Courses and Registration



Late registrations: Whether you are within our boundaries or requesting a Special Permit, you will need to contact our Attendance/Student Records Office for more information or to schedule an appointment to enroll.

  • The enrolling STUDENT and their LEGAL GUARDIAN must be present at the time of enrollment.
  • CHECK-IN with the ATTENDANCE OFFICE to start the enrollment process. Enrollment can sometimes take up to 2 hours or more and we suggest that, because of office hours and employee availability, you schedule an appointment with the attendance office to enroll 801.484.4343 ext.122.
  • Follow the ROUTING SLIP given to you at check-in, to visit the following offices: Student Records, Counseling Center, Main Office, Treasurer, Attendance Office


  • BRING the student’s birth certificate, up-to-date immunization records, and their withdrawal transcript from the last school attended.
  • Does your student need to be ESL (English as a Second Language) tested? Schedule an appointment with the Counseling Center 801.484.4343 ext.175
  • Plan to PAY CLASS FEES, or have documentation for a fee waiver application, at the time of enrollment (fees vary—depending upon student’s schedule).



Shadowing a Highland High student is available, but must be scheduled. We take multiple factors into account to allow this, i.e. events/field trips happening during the school day, availability of students and staff, permission needed from administration and the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) of the student shadowing and the student being shadowed, etc. -- because of these reasons, we do not allow drop-in shadows.


Please complete this form to request a shadowing experience at Highland.
Upon approval, someone from our office will contact you to schedule the shadow.




Salt Lake City School District | Student Services:

Karilyn Hill (801.578.8206) or Erika Becerra (801.578.8475)