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Boy's Golf

All FALL sport athletes: Football, Volleyball, Cross-Country, Girls Tennis, Girls Soccer, and Boys Golf, need to register with REGISTERMYATHLETE.COM/SCHOOLS/.(Click here for a PDF of instructions) and MUST have the registration completed prior try-outs (please contact your coach for specific dates). This registration also allows your athlete to complete a physical (Highland dates to be announced) which is required for participation. Parents, we urge you to take care of this as soon as possible. Thank you!

Region 6 Boys Golf  2015

Date                   Location                  Time               Host

Aug   5    Wed    Soldier Hollow       8:00                No Host-

                           Silver Course

Aug   11  Tue               Bountiful Ridge       8:00                Bountiful

Aug   20  Thur              Mt Ogden                 8:30                Ogden

Aug   27  Thur   Wolf Creek             1:00                No Host

Aug   31  Mon              Eagle Mtn                 1:00                Box Elder

Sep   3     Thur   Eaglewood             1:00                Woods Cross

Sep  10    Thur    Riverside              1:00                Bonneville

Sep  15    Tues    Mountain Dell       1:00                Highland

                            Mountain Course

Sep  21    Mon    Bonneville GC        1:00                East

Sep  28   Mon     Hubbard HAFB      9:00                Region

Oct 5-6   M-T     Soldier Hollow Silver   TBA          State