School notifications go out to parents/students/faculty and staff - via phone and email, even in the case of emergency.
Please check your email to see if you receive our weekly calendar called Ramped Up.
If not, please contact us, we want to make sure we keep you in the loop!




All Varsity games will begin at 3:30pm. Junior Varsity will take place following Varsity around 5:00 or 5:30pm.

March 8 @ OlympusBus at 2:15

March 9 @ HillcrestBus at 2:15

March 13 @ JordanBus at 2:00

March 14 Home vs West

March 16 Home vs Bountiful

March 17-18 ST GEORGE

March 21 @ OgdenBus at 1:45

March22Home vs Murray

March 23 @ Box ElderBus at 1:30

March 28 Home vs WX

March 30 @ EastBus at 2:15

March 31 Home vs Park City

April 18 Home vs Bonneville

April 20 @ BountifulBus at 2:15

April 25 Home vs Ogden

April 27 Home vs Box Elder

May 2 @ WXBus at 2:15

May 4 Home vs. EastSENIOR NIGHT

May9 @ BonnevilleBus at 1:45

*Bolded contests are Region Contests. All others are pre-season or non-region.