Parent Teacher Association (PTSA)

Reflections 2016-2017

What Is Your Story?

What is Reflections?
Reflections is a nationwide contest meant to give students the opportunity to explore and learn about various art forms.
• What is the 2016-­‐17 Theme?
“What Is Your Story?” Keep the theme in mind when considering your project ideas.
• What are the categories I can enter? Read the specific guidelines for categories found at
o Here are just a few ideas:
! Literature (write a short story, reflective essay, drama, narrative or poem) ! Musical Composition (sing or play an original song and in any music medium like, rock, jazz, religious, orchestral, a cappella, choral, band, blues or hip-­‐hop)
! Photography (take pictures using various and different lens and lighting) !

Visual Arts –
2D (create a picture using crayons, markers, paints, metal punch-­‐out, computer generated or picture collage).

! Visual Arts– 3D Art (create a sculpture, jewelry, mobile or ceramic piece).
! Dance Choreography (perform an original dance in the style of ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip-­‐hop, ice skating, color guard or gymnastics)
! Film Production (animation, narrative, documentary, experimental, multimedia)
• What about Special Needs Students? There is a Special Artist category for students with special needs. Special needs students can either enter in the Special Artist division or in an age group that meets their abilities.
This will be up to the parents how they choose to classify their student. See guideline sheets for details at:
• Where do I get an entry form? Entry forms and additional information are available to download on our website or to pick up in main office. Each Category has its own packet.Please read the guidelines carefully. Entry forms and guidelines can also be found at:
• When are entries due?
NOVEMBER 4th, 2016 • Where do I turn in my entries? Main Office to Whitney and Karrie
• Who do I contact if I have questions?
Email Ingrid Hansen
or text 385‐225 6773 Please allow for at least a 24 hour turn-­‐around.
The following is a list of items with which the PTA is in need of help. If you are able to help, please contact Debbie Hogan cell # 801‐209 4286
• Organizing and sorting entries on specific date a few days after deadline.
• Transporting entries to and from judges.
• Contacting parents about the awards assembly.
• Organizing and sorting entries for the awards assembly.
• Judge or know someone who can judge one of the categories.