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CJ Lester


  • Basic Digital Photography
  • Advanced Commercial Photography


lester-calleenSomething Unique:

  • I am a fiction writer sending my first book out to find a publisher now, and 9000 words into my second novel.
  • I was an artist with the 337 Project (the Graffiti House).
  • I lived in Sweden for a few years (Jag talar Svensk).
  • I love photographing and participating in rallies and protests.
  • I once read the dictionary cover to cover for fun and took notes on my favorite words.

Attended: University of Illinois, Parks College, University of Utah, Western Governors' University

My classroom at Highland High is gigantic and hard to find. Behind my room is a storage space that once was part of a shooting range, complete with range numbers and bullet marks.

I'm a queer writer, artist (oil painting/mixed media social commentary), photographer and animal lover who loves to hike and wander on long walks, often distracted taking photos. I grew up in a rural town in Illinois and lived outside of D.C. and Philadelphia for a number of years.I adore the ocean in the off season. I love NYC and LA. I am vegetarian at home. I love creative cuisine and Thai food. I cleave to Buddhist philosophy on my terms. When I left the corporate world where I worked with computers, I took the LSATs and had a partnership set up in town. People said I'd be a good teacher. After some visualization and thought, I chose teaching.