Jean VanderToolen


  • AP Studio Art
  • Art Foundations II
  • Design Visual Communications
  • IB Visual Arts HL 1, 2
  • IB Visual Arts SL 1
  • Studio Art Foundations II
  • VC Commercial Advertising Art
  • Visual Communications: Industry


vandertoolenSomething Unique: I am a twin with twins. I am an identical twin and I have fraternal twin sons.

Attended: Southern Utah State, University of Utah, Lesley University

I love art and I love kids, I get to work with both in my job.  I paint with oils and watercolor and am currently painting portraits of my grandchildren.  I enjoy teaching because I love to learn and I learn new things from my students every day. This school has a very diverse population, but everyone works together and gets along. We are a RAM family.