Jeff Rogers


  • World Civilization
  • World Civilization II
  • Sociology I


JEFF-ROGERSSomething Unique: I am the only African American teacher at Highland High school.  I am the lone fly in the buttermilk...

What I love about Highland: Highland High used to be the ESL hub school for the Salt Lake City School District. At one time Highland High resembled a United Nations School with many different types of students from all over the world who spoke many different languages.      

Attended: I am a graduate from the University of Utah.     

I have been teaching at Highland High for twenty-two years.  I coached both football and basketball for fifteen years here at Highland.  I started the packet recovery program here at Highland in 1995-96.  I have taught a variety of classes including Youth in Custody Alternative Ed., World Civilizations I & II, Financial Literacy, & Sociology. I was an assistant basketball coach with Head Coach Keith West when the Highland Rams won the Men's state basketball championship in 2000.  I am a native of Utah and played football on a four year full ride scholarship at the University of Utah.