Rebekah Hansen (Evans)


  • Secondary Math I
  • Secondary Math II
  • Secondary Math III Honors
  • AP Calculus AB


hansen-rebekahSomething Unique: I belong to and perform with a nonprofessional dance company.

Attended: Oakland University (Michigan), BYU-Idaho, University of Utah

I grew up in Michigan, as the youngest of 6 kids, with five older brothers and no sisters. I began college in Michigan, then transferred to BYU-Idaho, where I worked towards a B.S. in Math Education, moved to Utah for student teaching, and then graduated from BYU-Idaho. I've lived in Utah for the last 9 years, teaching middle and high school math, and earned a M.S. in Math Education in 2011 from the University of Utah. Some of my favorite things are: teaching, math, teaching math, learning, reading a good book, dancing, exercising, hiking, biking, spending time with my husband, Jared, and dog, Major. I am a strong believer that we can all do HARD things and learn new things!