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Toni Simmons


  • Computer Technology
  • Explore Computer Science
  • Apparel Design I


simmonsSomething Unique: I am a first-generation American with Dutch heritage and my brand new granddaughter is named Tulip.

Attended: Brigham Young University

What I love about Highland: When I joined the HHS faculty in 1998, I had the opportunity to reconnect with a few friends from my high school years at South High. I reminded one of those teachers that she and I arrived at a long-ago formal dance in exactly the same gown and exactly the same coat. If it were a "Who wore it best?" competition, I'm sure the beautiful Kaye Cowan would have received the higher percentage!

I value teaching CTE classes because of the opportunity for daily validations through skill-building, problem-solving, and creativity. In my young life, success experiences with sewing built my self-esteem through self-validations (most important) and recognition (leading to future opportunities). As I teach Computer Technology, Exploring Computer Science, and Apparel Design and Production, and look forward to empowering students to celebrate themselves and create endless possibilities for the future.