To give student athletes the ability to excel in education and also in the sports they participate in. Be a department that inspires and motivates young individuals to believe in greatness and to become the best they can possibly be in life, that there is no limit to their abilities. To provide our athletes with every resource to develop their skills and give them limitless opportunities to reach their goals in sport and education. Our department provides one of the finest high school sport performance programs in the nation- to reduce the risk of injury, optimize athletic development, and team success.


Our program is based on muscular balance and joint stability executed through free weights, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, functional training, and sport specific movements. We believe heavily in ground based exercises to develop strength, power, speed and the ability to change direction. Ground based strength exercises include (squats, lunges, RDL, presses, pulls) ground based Olympic exercises, include (cleans, snatch, jerks). We have a heavy emphasis on developing the posterior chain (upper back, lower back, hips hamstrings) and core to decrease the likelihood of injury and increase athletic performance.

Injury prevention

Injury preventions is first priority in our sport performance center, our staff researches heavily on common injuries of each sport. Every athletes will go through specific progressions to develop strength, joint stability, and strengthening of the muscles that surround the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. Our strength and conditioning program is gear around minimizing, concussions, soft tissue injuries (muscle tears, ligament, tendon tears), and bone breaks. There will always be a risk of injuries in athletics. However with proper training and understanding strength and movement, we can minimize the risk of injury.


Our athletes will be taught proper form and lifting technique with every exercise, as well as safety procedures in the weight room. We do not sacrifices lifting form over weight, and we also take each athlete through different lifting progressions. Every young individual develops at a different rate, our program is split into 3 progressions. These progressions are split into beginner level, moderate level, and advanced, each individual will need to pass tests in order to advance to the next level.

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