Formal Symbols

Please remember both the school seal and crests are reserved for top level school use only. Reproduction of the seal and/or crest is restricted to scholarly or ceremonial purposes such as commencement programs, school diplomas, or awards. For most other forms of school communication, an academic symbol should be used.

Contact the district Communications Department for more information about when it is appropriate to use the school seal or crest.

Click on an image below to view the available colors and download formats. Additional resources are available to the right.

Which file format should I use?

WEB - These can be used for print or web; the files can only be used at same size or smaller. All of the jpg logo files available here are created only at web resolution (72 dpi) and should not be used for high quality prints. These will degrade if enlarged.

OFFICE - These are transparent versions of the logo to be used in Microsoft Office applications. You can place these over different color background areas while maintaining the integrity of the logo. These will degrade if enlarged.

VECTOR (available upon request) - Are high-resolution (300 dpi) files best suited for high-output print production (clothing, athletic equipment, signs, banners, promotional items, etc.). These files are scalable both larger and smaller.

For additional sizes, formats or custom versions of the logo please contact Andy Shaffer at

School Seal

Breathing Room

When placing the logo, give it enough room so it doesn’t look cramped or crowded. Below you will see easy ways to make sure the logo has enough room. These measurements don’t have to be exact, of course; but they’re a good rule of thumb.



Right click on the WEB or OFFICE links below the logos and select Save Target As... to download a specific logo file. Not sure which file to use?