Allan Young


  • Peer Tutor
  • Basic Skills
  • Transition


Al-Young-2016 Something Unique: I often put more miles on a bike per year than I do a vehicle.

What I love about Highland: The students and staff at Highland provide a great inclusive learning environment for all students in my opinion.

Attended: Central Michigan University, University of Utah

My name is Al and I have been working in Salt Lake City School District for 7 years and have been teaching for 5. I derive quality of life from experiences spent with and without friend in the greater outdoors. I understand and appreciate life through community and travel. I grew up in the midwest which has set me up to enjoy and need comfort food that is rich and delicious. I hope someday to complete a bike ride to the tip of South America on the Pan-America Highway. I have currently rode from the Arctic Ocean to Mexico with my next leg being Central America. I quantify success for myself and others through small gain overtime which can be difficult in the moment yet profound over time.


Some photos from our class trips:

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