Creed Archibald


  • Language Arts 9
  • Language Arts 9 Honors



What I love about Highland: I love Highland because it is a strong school with a diverse group of kids. People are happy to work and attend Highland, which can't be said of every school. I also love working with teenagers. They are so ridiculous, and talking with teenagers always makes me feel very grateful to be past that phase of life.

About Me: After graduating from Westminster College, I spent two years working for a wilderness therapy program, where I took young men with drug and alcohol problems backpacking in the mountains and deserts of Central Utah. Eventually I grew tired of the crazy schedule. I moved to Oklahoma and began teaching middle school while earning my teaching license. After four years in Oklahoma, the allure of the Wasatch Mountains was too strong. My wife and I moved back to Salt Lake City. I taught one more year of middle school, and then escaped from 7th grade to teach high school English at Highland. I love reading, writing fiction, and rock climbing.