Kyle Bracken


  • AP World History
  • IB History Americas HL 2
  • IB Coordinator


Kyle-BrackenSomething Unique: I was a ski instructor at Snowbird and Alta before I became a teacher.

Attended: University of Utah

Highland High is where I have spent my entire teaching career.  I taught AP World History here at Highland the first year it was ever offered anywhere.  Teaching is something I love.  I was a ski instructor for about 10 years at Snowbird and Alta. Completing my teaching certification requirements in 2001, I took a position at Highland High School.   I received a grant in 2004 to create “Active Learning Lessons” for World History.  Since that time I earned a Master’s Degree in World History from the University of Utah and have facilitated a couple of summer institutes including working with professors from the U of U and BYU.  I was fortunate to be awarded the Huntsman Award for Excellence in Education in 2014.  I serve as an AP World History Exam grader each summer.  I am an avid golfer, and of course I still enjoy skiing with my wife and son.  I am a river runner and have done the Middle Fork of the Salmon, the Main Salmon, the Selway, the Salt River in Arizona, the Green River and various sections of the Colorado including a seventeen day trip down the Grand Canyon.  I have two chickens, a dog, a cat and eight fish.