Tera Hunter


  • Advanced Art
  • AP Art History
  • AP Studio Art
  • Art Foundations II
  • Basic Digital Photo
  • Painting
  • Studio Art
  • Studio Art Painting


tera-hunterAttended: USU “What’s an Aggie?” and Westminster "Go Griffins!"

About Me: Hello! I am an Art teacher here at Highland. I teach all sorts of 2D media, as well as Art History. I love teaching how to art as well as the art, so it’s a good thing that I wound up doing this teaching thing. In my spare time I’m the Cross Country coach, which I only do because I like to make kids run, a lot. I graduated from Highland in the year of 19--, you can ask, and I may even tell you, as long as you promise not to say “that was before I was born!” I have taught here at Highland since 2014, and I do not regret becoming one-of-those-people-that-teaches-at-the-high-school-they-went-to, because of the wonderful community and Ram Fam.