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Freshman Success



To help incoming Highland freshman feel welcomed, needed and important to the Highland family. Each freshman will be assigned to a member of the staff or faculty as a mentee. They will be contacted throughout the year to monitor their progress. The Freshmen Success Team will contact those who are having trouble in the classroom to offer assistance, tutoring or mediation on the student's behalf. Each freshman will be encouraged to participate in at least two extra-curricular activities/teams/clubs during his/her freshman year.


For ALL Freshmen to be academically successful, and adapt to the changes that come with high school.


  • Level 1: Freshmen not passing, or falling behind, will be contacted by a member of the Success team weekly with an offer for assistance. Parents will be notified by teacher.
  • Level 2: Freshmen not passing, or continuing to fall behind, will be contacted by a member of the Success team and directed to attend a tutoring session during lunch time.
  • Level 3: Freshmen not passing, attending, or continuing to fall behind will be recommended for SSC (Student Services Council) with their parent or guardian. A plan will be drawn up for the student's success.