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Curriculum Departments


As described in Title 53E-4-202, the Utah State Board of Education shall establish the core standards for Utah public schools that:

  • Identify the basic knowledge, skills, and competencies­ each student is expected to acquire or master as the student advances through the public education system; and
  • increase in depth and complexity from year to year and focus on consistent and continual progress within and between grade levels and courses.

In an effort for Utah to ensure high quality core content standards, the Utah State Board of Education has approved an internal process for review and revision. First and foremost, the Utah State Board of Education established a timeline for revision of core content standards for Social Studies, English Language Arts, World Languages, Library Media, Fine Arts, Mathematics, Physical Education, Driver Education, Health, Science, and Preschool. The revision timeline provides local education agencies with an expected timeline for when each of the core content standards will be up for review and potentially revision. REFERENCE AND MORE INFO: Utah Core Standards


The Salt Lake City School District's Assessment and Evaluation Department (A&E) coordinates the development and implementation of Utah state and local district assessments. A&E works collaboratively with other departments to collect and report information about student academic achievement in order to inform instruction, increase student learning, and help school personnel assess the effectiveness of their schools and programs. Timely and accurate data is provided to schools, school board members, district departments, and the community to gain understanding of the students in our district and their specific learning needs.