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Family Support





Mindy Smith

The Family Support program is administered and managed at the district level. The focus of this effort is to provide classroom teachers and neighborhood schools with the resources to address the basic needs of students. Based upon available resources and student needs, students are provided school supplies, shoes, clothes, uniforms, winter coats, eyeglasses, emergency dental care, and dental sealants.

Working with the Utah Food Bank, the foundation and district have been able to distribute food to Title I schools on a regular schedule. This effort relies upon a corps of professional staff and highly trained and motivated volunteers to provide this service to students.

The district and foundation believe that children must come to school prepared to learn, meaning they are well clothed, warm, healthy, and have vision correction, if necessary.

In the past two years... the Family Support program has cultivated strong relationships with the Utah Food Bank to support students and families. The Food Bank visits district schools regularly now.

At one school site a parent, who had just been informed that her children would be receiving scholarships to participate in that school's outstanding summer school program, went through the Food Bank line and was able to collect groceries for her family. She then sought out the Community Learning Center coordinator and gave her $40.00. She indicated that due to the Food Bank visit, she would be able to give her grocery money for that week's food to the school to help other students attend the summer program.