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There are many volunteer opportunities at Highland High ranging from classroom assistants to after-school tutors and more. Please fill out our volunteer form if you are interested in strengthening our schools and community. Positions include chaperone, clerical work, tutoring, classroom assistance, professional services, PTA, "Day of Service", and more.

Let us know you are interested in volunteer work! All prospective volunteers (supervised & unsupervised) must fill out this form: VOLUNTEER FORM

Supervised Volunteer: An employee of the district has the ability to see/observe the volunteer the entire time the volunteer is working with the student(s)/child(ren).
Unsupervised: At any point there is no direct supervision of the volunteer by a district employee while working with the student(s)/child(ren).



If you are interested in (or have been notified that you will be) volunteering as an unsupervised volunteer, you must complete the HB175 check, please fill out and submit the online form below.

The HB175 Process:

  • HB175 Form is filled out and submitted by potential volunteer
  • Employers are contacted for reference information
  • School will submit results for clearance
  • Volunteer will need to contact Karen Allbor
  • Volunteer will be scheduled for fingerprinting and a background check
  • A background check with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation may be conducted (Cost to volunteer is $38.00)
    If you have completed a background check with your employer or other volunteer service outside of the SLCSD (unless it was completed with BCI), we cannot accept these.