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Highland High School follows Salt Lake City School District’s Board Policy Sā€4 and Utah Code §53Gā€6ā€202 which requires that all children ages 6ā€18 must be enrolled in school and attend regularly. This policy and law are in place because regular school attendance is a major component of a student’s academic success, improves social interaction with adults and peers, and provides opportunities for important communication between teachers and students.

TARDINESS: Students are expected to be on time to class. Students up to 15 minutes late will be marked with an 'L'. Students more than 15 minutes late will be marked with a 'T'. Excessive tardiness will be addressed by administration.

EXCUSED ABSENCES:  Contact our Main Office to excuse absences: 801.484.4343 ext.4501 or 4502
Absences can only be excused by a legal parent/guardian. An absence must be excused in order to make up missed school work. All absences not excused within three weeks following the absence, must have administrator approval to be cleared. It is the student/parent responsibility to check on their attendance and verify that their absence has been excused online with PowerSchool

UNEXCUSED ABSENCES: Absences are considered unexcused until they have been cleared by a legal parent/guardian.

EXCUSED EXTENDED ABSENCES: Excused absences of 4 to 10 consecutive days are considered “Excused Extended Absences” and require an administrators approval. Excused Extended Absence Forms (Trip Slips) can be found in the main office. These must be completed and approved by administration prior to the absence or the student may be subject to being dropped/withdrawn from Highland High. Student/Parent will need to notify all teachers and collect schoolwork accordingly.

TRUANCY: Students will be referred to an administrator when absences become excessive. 

  • In the event of excessive tardiness or truancy, students may be scheduled by an administrator for a Student Services Council (SSC) meeting to determine appropriate interventions. SSC consists of administrators, counselors, parent(s)/guardian, and the referred student.
  • Consecutive absences of 10 days or more, students are dropped/withdrawn from Highland High School.