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1.    Do I have to be a cheerleader to be on the stunt squad?

  • Nope

2.    Do I have to know how to tumble/dance/cheer to be on the stunt squad?

  • Nope

3.    Do I have to have previous stunting experience?

  • Nope

4.    What uniform does the Stunt Squad wear?

  • The Stunt Squad will wear a black and white athletic t-shirt, shorts and shoes. The cost is TBD but, probably around $150 uniform fee (eligible for fee waiver).

5.    What’s the time commitment?

  • 1B class period for second semester along with a few after-school practices until second semester starts. 2-3 Half-time performances at basketball games. Will not conflict with fall/spring sport practices.

6.    What do I get out of this?

  • Actually having fun while building muscle.

  • Meet really cool new people.

  • One semester elective credit.

  • Get in free to Varsity basketball games and other events.

  • Perform super exciting and cool stunts.

  • Increase the probability of getting a college scholarship!!!

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