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The Highland High School professional community acknowledges a critical need to prepare high school students with adequate skills and knowledge of correct child care techniques for the home and work place. Our full-time child care center and preschool runs in connection with the Family and Consumer Science programs. The main purposes of the center are to:

  1. Provide an on-site training center for high school students in the Child Development and Child Care classes to work with developmental ages of children including infants through preschoolers.
  2. Provide nurturing, quality child care, appropriate learning experiences in a safe and secure environment for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.
  3. Create a service for Highland and district employees by providing quality child care during employment hours as far as space is available.

Quality child care can make a big difference in the future of a child and the community. It is the goal of the Highland High Child Care Center to see that the program is organized and focused to the needs of ALL involved: children, high school students, teachers, and parents.


The HHCC serves children of employees of the Salt Lake City School District. Children must be two months of age up to five years old. Highland High staff members have first priority when there are openings. When available, spots may be given to community families after all interested district employees have been served.

HHCC runs a preschool for children in the Highland community. Preschool runs Tuesday - Thursday from 9:00 AM - 12:00 NOON. Preschool begins just after Labor Day and runs until just before Memorial Day. 


The child care center is open 5 days a week. Monday through Friday 7:30am - 4:30pm. The Highland High Child Care Center has been planned in conjunction with Highland High School's traditional school year. The High School Child Care students and their help are required to maintain a quality program. The child care center is closed all days that Highland High School is not in session.


Tuition is charged in full on a monthly basis. Families pay according to their enrollment preferences. Pricing is based on age and enrollment. Tuition covers the cost of child care, mid-morning snack, afternoon snack, and child care materials. It does not include lunch, diapers, baby food (of any kinds).


If you are interested in receiving further information regarding HHCC, or if you would like to put your child on the waiting list, please contact our director.


The Utah State Board of Education has asked us to keep our daycare tuition in line with community centers. Tax dollars do not subsidize daycare centers in the public schools. For a comparison of prices with surrounding centers' pricing please ask our director.

JOIN THE TEAM, APPLY HERE: Salt Lake City School District - TalentEd Hire (


7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

The child care center is closed all days that Highland High School is not in session.


Contact our director for current tuition rates.
Tuition rates change the month following the child's birthday. A-DAY or B-DAY ONLY are considered Full Day - 3 Day Week.



Caroline Casselman
801.484.4343 x4119


Monique Nielsen


Children must be 4 years old by September 1. Preschool runs Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday from 9:00 am– Noon. Preschool begins the first Tuesday after Labor Day in September and runs until the last Thursday before Memorial Day in May. Children are under the direction of the preschool teacher and students enrolled in Early Childhood Education Classes supervised by the Early Childhood/Child Development Teacher. Our preschool is highly focused on social development and kindergarten preparation and children receive a lot of one on one attention from the teachers. Please contact us for more information: call 801-484-4343 ext 4119 or email (see contacts).